Employee onboarding

At ServiceNow’s incubation center I led the UX for IT, Sales and HR workflows. My goal was to find design opportunities, conceptualize, test and pitch for the Now Platform. 

Our employee onboarding is a manual, paper-based processes that lacks employee satisfaction. We need to identify the KPI’s for onboarding experience and improve employee engagement.

I collaborated with cross functional teams to understand the onboarding workflow and identify multiple users. I facilitated usability study sessions, 1:1 interviews and presented readouts to all the stakeholders. Then I collaborated with user researcher for the journey mapping workshop. 

‘ The onboarding process need to focus on making new hires feel welcomed, valued and prepared for what’s to come.’

An redesigned onboarding program should provide new hires with the right resources, information, and technology at the right times.  

Onboarding portal is optimized for mobile use for both the new hire and the HR persona. It enables easy access to personalized information directly in the hands of new hires.

Portal performance raised the bar and bot experience got built in the HR platform suite. 
It also improved time to onboard and time to productivity.

Work done at ServiceNow through Cognizant , 2019
Disclaimer, text and numbers used in the artwork are placeholder and not the actual data.