Crazy imagination and meltdowns is the wonderful world of children. This book helps kids to be more expressive.

‘The roly poly Ria’ is a book with a a non-linear narrative structure. It has one illustrated story and has the potential to build multiple stories. At the end there is a activity that will nudge kids to express more adjective words.

The concept of this book comes from the inquistitive nature of children. They always have endless questions and get happiness from expressing what they have learnt. 
The book integrates the concept of adjectives from english language with the wild imagination of the children.

User research – Scenario building – Story writing – Story boarding – Defining illustration style – Pre production – Printing & binding

While this was a student project, I published a few copies and distributed it to pre schools in Pune, India. I received a very positive feedback from teachers. Kids were engaged  and teachers loved it as a teaching aid.

Student project at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India